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From The Power of Candy to Red-Shirted Ensigns

So on a flight last weekend, they showed the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie, and it got me to thinking…

Fading Suns Setting Changes

Fading Suns has an interesting setting, but there's several details that range from boring to nonsensical to infuriating. As such, when I ran it, I made several changes as follows:


According to the book, everyone, on all forty or fifty known worlds, which have only in the past half-century been unified under a common empire, speaks Urthish. This is so far beyond the bounds of credulity as to be impossible. In general, I think the worlds under each house should have a common language, due to common settlement history (though this will vary in cases of conquest and such). While still not that realistic, it's a reasonable balance of flavorful and gameable.

Ships of the Inquisition

The Inquisition utilizes a variety of ships in carrying out their duties. Some of the better known include:

Needle of Inquiry
A fast medium-small ship used by groups of Inquisitors to get to destinations quickly and investigate matters.
Instrument of Correction
A capital warship used by the Inquisition for both naval engagements and escorting convoys.
Vessel of Manna
A heavy cargo ship used to transport supplies.
Sacrament of Penance

Fading Suns with the Storytelling System

When I ran Fading Suns, I decided that I was displeased with the rules. Not only were they another set of combat rules for my players to learn, they have some serious issues for my tastes. They rely on a single die roll for action resolution, yielding a much higher variance than die pool systems, and an ostensibly competent character actually has an unreasonably high chance of failing at tasks that should be simple going by the rules as written.

Airborne Digit Legion

Cost: 10 Motes, 1 Willpower, 1 Health Level
Duration: One Scene
Type: Simple
Minimum Archery: 5
Minimum Essence: 4
Prerequisite Charms: Piercing Ghost Barb

The Abyssal cuts off her pinky finger and tosses the wriggling digit into her quiver. It grows and grows in length and is joined by a host of identical writhing arrow-length fingers. For the remainder of the scene, they may be loosed as arrows that ignore armor and do a base damage of zero. Whenever she needs to shoot a foe, she always has a still-twitching deformed finger available. At the end of the scene, she will have fired just enough to leave her with one more in her quiver, which she grabs hold and re-attaches to the stump, where it takes root and regains its original size, leaving no mark of its transformation.

Thoughts on Fixing Lunar Exalted

A lot of people are unhappy with Exalted: the Lunars. While I'm less annoyed by it than many other people, I don't think it's without its issues. I'm mostly okay with the flavor and background, as long as one inteprets it loosely, but I do feel that there are mechanical issues that need to be addressed. Here are some possible ideas on changing things around, not all of which are mutually compatible.

Six-Guns & Succubi

The following are some clever mechanics and a vague setting for an RPG I wrote up for a Pieces & Parts Challenge on

Go here: Random Generator

Select one generated theme, create a game based on genre(s) it provides, and post it here (including your generated theme). Rules must somehow support the suggested theme in play.

Which gave me:

Setting: western/sword-and-sorcery.
Theme: things man-was-not-meant-to-know/religious conversion story.

Fortuitous Scarlet Cloak

This is the tale of Fortuitous Scarlet Cloak, a most skilled and devout child of the Fire Dragon. One great day, her mother entreated her to pay her respects to her most venerable and esteemed ancestress and, being the dutiful child that she was, she agreed without hesitation. As a token of the family's gratitude for her labors in upbringing them, Fortuitous Scarlet Cloak wrapped the choicest of moon cakes in rice paper, placed them with a hand-woven basket her younger sister had made, and set off towards the great manse of her glorious ancestress.

Tomallah, the Living Hearthstones

Demon of the First Circle, Progeny of the Cathedral of Bone and Sinew

In the Demon Realm, all things are ultimately composed of the flesh of the Yozis. This is especially true of the land itself, from which the Essence flows. In those places where the Essence pools and gathers, the bones of Malfeas may be shaped into Manses to focus it even further, forming at their core one of his progeny, the Tomallah.


Some people dislike the dice-rolling and large quantity of charms involved in the mechanics for Exalted. To that end, I have produced a set of simple, abstract rules for Exalted that draw heavily on the mechanics of Nobilis. My version builds upon a rough outline proposed by Four Willows Weeping. I feel they are particularly well-suited for games or scenes running during the nebulous and mythical First Age.


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