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A Partial Sketch of a Magic: the Gathering RPG

My first take on a quick-and-dirty Magic: the Gathering RPG aimed at playing Planeswalkers would be a Nobilis conversion with the five colors as your ability scores. If I deemed the "land generates mana" mechanic of the card game something that should be reflected in the reality of the world, then I'd introduce some kind of mechanics where you need to ritually bind locations to achieve regeneration of miracle points (which would be renamed to Mana).

Six-Guns & Succubi

The following are some clever mechanics and a vague setting for an RPG I wrote up for a Pieces & Parts Challenge on

Go here: Random Generator

Select one generated theme, create a game based on genre(s) it provides, and post it here (including your generated theme). Rules must somehow support the suggested theme in play.

Which gave me:

Setting: western/sword-and-sorcery.
Theme: things man-was-not-meant-to-know/religious conversion story.

Earth & Sky

The following is a quick little idea for an RPG I wrote up for a Pieces & Parts Challenge on

It's been a while since we've done one of these. For those new to P&P, the rules are simple—build a game (system and setting) involving the pieces and parts listed below and post it for everybody's amusement and inspiration.

  • The pieces are:
    1. tattoos
    2. temptation
    3. tempests
  • The parts are:
    1. single roll task resolution
    2. use only one stat

Get creative!


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