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Death & Taxes

Death and Taxes are a pair of wicked knives from the First Age. Death is long and thin with a blade of starmetal, while Taxes is curved and made of Soulsteel. The tang on each is of the complementary metal. They are Artifact •• separately, or Artifact ••• for the pair.

Heavenly Guardian Sash

The Heavenly Guardian Sash is a fine woven piece of cloth about eight feet long and five inches wide, with tightly hemmed edges. It is a rich dark blue in color, with razor-thin golden lines running down its length. The cloth is some unknown material of first-age manufacture, but it owes its cobalt color to having been dyed for five days in distilled essence of blue jade. The tiny lines exist because every 25th thread of those running along its length is actually a finely spun strand of orichalcum.

The Flowing Blade

This powerful and ancient weapon, made entirely of Moonsilver, reflects the very nature of Luna herself. It is a bizarrely-shaped mass of curving metal, with edges, grips, and guards in unexpected places, and never the same twice.