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Failure of Negotiations, Communications Breakdown, & End of Discussion

These three weapons are grand daiklaves, identical down to the last detail save for the material of their construction. They are made of Orichalcum, Moonsilver, and Starmetal, respectively. Though they are mighty implements of war, so long as they are on the bearer's person and sheathed they act instead as tools of diplomacy.

Failure of Negotiations adds the user's permanent Essence in dice to all Presence and Socialize rolls made before it is drawn. Likewise, Communications Breakdown adds the user's permanent Essence in dice to all Charisma and Manipulation rolls while it is stowed. End of Discussion adds the user's permanent Essence in dice to all Conviction and Temperance rolls while sheathed; in the hands of a Sidereal, it also grants one additional dot in the Astrological College of the Haywain.

Rumor has it that a fourth blade has recently been sighted, also identical to its apparent brethren but crafted instead of Soulsteel. It is said to be called Opening Argument. If it does in fact exist, it would raise the bearer's permanent Willpower by his permanent Essence, operating even while drawn. Clearly, the maker of the first three has discovered how to overcome the limitiations that held back their operation...