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Nobilis is a role-playing game in which one effectively takes on the role of gods of concepts, such as War, Stories, Ice, or Doors. It's a beautifully elegant work, both in its presentation and in its unusual diceless mechanics that manage to allow for miraculous power without hinging on GM fiat. It's sadly out of print as of 2007, but well worth owning, reading, and playing.

From The Power of Candy to Red-Shirted Ensigns

So on a flight last weekend, they showed the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie, and it got me to thinking…


Some people dislike the dice-rolling and large quantity of charms involved in the mechanics for Exalted. To that end, I have produced a set of simple, abstract rules for Exalted that draw heavily on the mechanics of Nobilis. My version builds upon a rough outline proposed by Four Willows Weeping. I feel they are particularly well-suited for games or scenes running during the nebulous and mythical First Age.

Dark Nobilis

What if the Red Tooth Rite worked when used by one Noble on another? If you kill a Power and eat his heart, his Domain becomes one of your secondary Domains and you grow in might. Consume enough Domains, and you become an Imperator, tearing free from your old superior to become his equal. Now, you just have to watch your underlings to make sure they don't eat too many hearts themselves, for if you lose all your Domains, you will fade into nothingness.


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