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ORE Character Generator

This is a tool for generating random characters for Reign using the One Roll Engine. It's implemented in JavaScript, and runs entirely in your browser without any need to talk to a server. You can use it here or download it to play around with yourself. (At some point, it broke under IE, but it should work fine on every standards-compliant browser.)

Porting the River from Weapons of the Gods to ORE

Weapons of the Gods is an RPG based on a wu-xia comic. Its basic resolution mechanic is very similar to ORE: Roll a variable number of d10s and look for matches. A set of matching dice is converted to a numerical result equal to width*10 + height. Thus, for example, a 3x1 is read as 31. (Sets of only one die are allowed and 10s are read as 0s, so the worst possible result is a 1x0, which is read as 10.)


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