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Exalted is a role-playing game set in an ancient world ruled over by a crumbling empire to which the reborn champions of the Unconquered Sun have returned to set things straight after millennia of exile. Players take the part of various sort of Exalted, ordinary mortals made superhuman by the favor of the gods, adventuring in a world that draws as much on Homeric myth as on modern animé. The mechanics reward players for performing awesome stunts, and characters have access to magical charms that enable superhuman feats and powerful sorcery. Everything is over the top—empires are expected to be toppled and rebuilt, and gods are expected to be slain and reborn. Below you will find both useful compilations of official information and original content I have written for use with Exalted.

Narat's Shadow

The First Age Night Caste Narat was seen only when she wished to be seen and heard only when silence itself chose to make no noise. Adding to her considerable personal talents was the miraculous suit she wore night and day; so inseparable was she from this wrapping that it was jokingly refered to as her shadow. She took the comment to heart, and had her Circlemate forge Narat's shadow into the fabric of the suit, completing its magic.

Heavenly Guardian Sash

The Heavenly Guardian Sash is a fine woven piece of cloth about eight feet long and five inches wide, with tightly hemmed edges. It is a rich dark blue in color, with razor-thin golden lines running down its length. The cloth is some unknown material of first-age manufacture, but it owes its cobalt color to having been dyed for five days in distilled essence of blue jade. The tiny lines exist because every 25th thread of those running along its length is actually a finely spun strand of orichalcum.

The Flowing Blade

This powerful and ancient weapon, made entirely of Moonsilver, reflects the very nature of Luna herself. It is a bizarrely-shaped mass of curving metal, with edges, grips, and guards in unexpected places, and never the same twice.

The Summer Wife's Last Dance

The Summer Wife's Last Dance

The origins of this spear are lost in the mists of history. References to it date back at least to the Primordial War, and some suspect that it may be even more ancient. It consists of a wooden shaft as long as a man is tall, oval in cross-section, flaring out into a broad blade at the end. Even though the blade itself is made of wood, it is ever as sharp as fresh-spun Fae glass. There is a bronze cross-piece mounted behind the blade, and the length of the shaft is inlaid with eldritch runes in bronze which spiral their way from blade to end. They are in no language known to scholars of the present day, and none alive know what they say.

The Iron Jang Bong

The Iron Jang Bong

The Iron Jang Bong is an ancient First Age staff crafted by a powerful Sidereal who is thought to have contributed to the development of Crane Style martial arts. It is a deceptively simple-looking weapon, consisting of a cold iron core two meters in length and five centimeters in diameter, covered by a thin layer of protective rust, and capped on both ends by 30 centimeter Starmetal jackets. To the unattuned, it weighs over 30 kilograms (nearly 70 pounds), but whomever it recognizes as master can twirl it effortlessly in one hand.

Swath of Darkness

The Swath of Darkness is a bandage, about three inches wide and dozens of feet long, woven of a single fine soulsteel thread miles long. If a character binds herself in it from head to toe, then it will behave as sturdy armor of incredible lightness and flexibility that can be comfortably worn indefinitely. While so wrapped, the few exposed parts of the character, namely eyes, mouth, and nostrils, can be seen only indistinctly, appearing to belong to a being made up of inky blackness.



Heartdrinker, also know as Livertaker, is a large, leaf-shaped soulsteel knife, forged in the ghostly flames of Oblivion and specially crafted for Deathknights that must venture into creation. It has settings for two hearthstones, one on either side of the blade.

Nature: The Master

Knowledge is power, and you aim to know everything. You will not rest until you have learned everything there is to be found out about subjects you deem important and have determined how to apply this knowledge. You routinely exercise your prowess to dominate the weaklings and fools around you.

Gain Willpower whenever you display your superiority to others through an application of your vast knowledge and skill.

Virtue Flaw: Shower of Jade

(A Compassion-Based Virtue Flaw for Solar Exalted)

The character rails against the injustice of poverty and starts helping those around him who need it without regard to the expenditure of his own resources. He will buy them food, clothing, medical treatment, tools, or whatever else they need to improve their lot in life. If actively indulged, this will last for a number of hours equal to the character's Compassion; if there are not any targets around to help, then it will last for a number of days equal to the character's Compassion. In either case, if the character spends enough to cause his resources rating to actually drop by a level, then he will recover his senses.

Limit Break Condition: The character sees others suffering for lack of goods or services they need.

Ring of Shadows

These thin bands of black-striped soulsteel are fairly common among Malfean servants who take pleasure in darkness. Their utility is directly proportional to the amount of shadows present and their size.