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Exalted is a role-playing game set in an ancient world ruled over by a crumbling empire to which the reborn champions of the Unconquered Sun have returned to set things straight after millennia of exile. Players take the part of various sort of Exalted, ordinary mortals made superhuman by the favor of the gods, adventuring in a world that draws as much on Homeric myth as on modern animé. The mechanics reward players for performing awesome stunts, and characters have access to magical charms that enable superhuman feats and powerful sorcery. Everything is over the top—empires are expected to be toppled and rebuilt, and gods are expected to be slain and reborn. Below you will find both useful compilations of official information and original content I have written for use with Exalted.

Crane Style Martial Arts

Crane style martial arts focusses on rapidly incapacitating opponents instead of slowly killing them, and on defending oneself by blocking all incoming blows. Its signature weapons are staves, and staves of any sort may be freely used with any of these charms, including the following specialized martial arts staves: