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Thoughts on an In Nomine CCG

If I were to design an In Nomine CCG, I would start by tweaking the rules of Jyhad / V:tES because in my opinion, it has one of the most balanced systems. In particular, rare cards are just different or outright weird, not necessarily more powerful; you actually want less of them. Common cards make up 60%-80% of any good deck. And, Jyhad had a very strong political element. It allows several completely different strategies for winning, primarily rapid bleeding, manipulative voting, and direct combat.

La Resistance

The archway said to abandon all hope. It was wrong…

Human Languages, Ancient Magic, and Outright Theft

A discussion of ancient languages that no one knows but have names that sound mystical, the In Nomine concept of the Symphony, and my recent reading of Snow Crash are all mixing as I type to form some sort of vague plot seed.


Overheard at the Eighth Virtue:

"So I figure something's up, right, and I try resonating this guy, and it was…just weird, never seen anything like it. It's not that I couldn't get a reading, it's that there was nothing to read."

"Huh? Whaddya mean by that, he shielded or something?"

"No, the Symphony—it just wasn't there. Or, it was but I couldn't make it out."

"You okay? Been racking up dissonance or something?"

Bal-elohim: The Observers

On those sad and terrible occasions when an Elohite loses sight of the true reasons for being, the former angel usually forgets his objectivity, giving in to a flurry of passions and tumbling screaming to Hell as a Habbalite, not even realizing what has truly happened. But, on a few, rare occasions, these precariously-balanced angels topple the other way. Instead of giving in to passions, they instead distance themselves too much from emotions in the quest for objectivity.

Yet another Eli plot seed

To: Dominic
Re: Enemy Intelligence
Clearance: For your eyes only

As you know, my triad is currently collaborating with a triad of the Game. In the course of the mission, I came across the following fragment of a message. I felt that troubling you with it immediately was justified:


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