Pregenerated Characters for The Secret of Poison Gulch

Submitted by Mapache on Thu, 2010-04-22 23:09

A while back, I ran The Secret of Poison Gulch, a one-shot adventure using Six-Guns & Succubi, in which the PCs are government troubleshooters sent to investigate the disappearance of an agent that been investigating illegal activities at the silver mine in the titular town and stumbled into something far darker. I don't have any real notes on the whole thing, as I mostly just made it up as I went along, but here's the pregen characters I passed out, in case you find them useful.

Karal Nishino and his Red Jade Revolvers

Submitted by Mapache on Fri, 2004-06-25 00:00

He still remembered that thing which had nearly killed him. Of course he expected to remember, but not like this. The pain had faded to a dull ache in his side though it flared up if he reached too high with his left arm, but every time he closed his eyes he saw that monster's face, as if it were burned into his retina. He even saw it with his eyes open sometimes, breaking out in a cold sweat whenever that happened.

Stinky Beak

Submitted by Mapache on Tue, 2004-06-22 00:00

Auspicious Flame remembered when the stranger had first come to his forge. He had seemed pleasant enough, offering good pay for his requests, always prompt in picking up his orders and dropping off his jade. The jade varied a lot, like it had come from many different places, and Auspicious Flame had tried not to think about where it may have come from and how it got into the pleasant stranger's smooth hands. The swords ordered were always of the same type, great chopping blades with a wicked backhook for disarming foes.

Loridiel, Lilim of the Game

Submitted by Mapache on Thu, 2001-01-11 00:00

Loridiel is a legal starting character.

To all external appearances, Loridiel is a free Lilim that doesn't do much traffic with Hell these days. She spends almost all her time on Earth, generally associating with rather dodgy types who might be in need of help, and in a unique position to provide certain items, services, and knowledge not easily obtained in Hell due to the fact the certain demons who have power would rather that these things remain in their possession alone. Since she's free, and not actively aiding Heaven or hurting Hell, she can't exactly be deemed a renegade, but she's what most would consider a grey. Open-minded Angels with some experience under their belt may make cautious attempts to try and bring her over to their side, while remaining wary of her possible motives at any time. Even more militant Angels would have a hard time pinning her down as positively evil, and killing her would probably result in her getting pissed off at Heaven in general, so the intelligent Malakite doesn't automatically reach for his knife/gun/bag of M&Ms (in the case of Eli's) on contact with her. In any case, she could be a valuable resource, having links into the parts of the infernal lowerarchy that Angels might like to be able to talk to, track, or otherwise interact with.