Calling Forth the Blasphemous Legion

Submitted by Mapache on Thu, 2003-07-31 00:00

Cost: 50+ Motes

Using the awesome might of the most potent of Sorcery, a Solar may conjure a dozen or more demons with a single grueling ritual. After preparing a summoning circle at least 5 meters in diameter (and possibly larger, depending on the specific demons called), the rite must be started at the stroke of midnight and lasts until the next midnight, with no space for interruptions or rest. Successfuly completing this ordeal requires a Stamina+Occult roll with difficulty 3. 50 motes of Essence must be spent over the course of the ceremony, and remain committed until it is over.

At the end of the spell, the demons step forth from Cecelyne into the confines of the circle. The sorceror makes a Charisma+Occult roll and adds his permanent Essence in automatic sucesses; that many First Circle Demons of a single type appear. Now, the summoner must engage them in the customary battle of wills to bind them to his service. The Exalt rolls Willpower+Essence, as usual. The Storyteller rolls the Willpower+Essence of a single demon as representative of the group. The Solar may reduce the demons' pool by paying 10 motes of Essence for each one-die reduction. Every three accumulated successes the Sorceror obtains will bind one demon. After a number of rounds equal to the Exalt's permanent Essence have elapsed, one of the unbound demons will gather enough strength to break free. The Sorceror may make a single Reflexive Wits+Occult roll at difficulty 3 to banish the problematic beast. If this roll fails, the demon is completely free and will likely attack the Sorceror. If forced to fight the demon, the Exalt cannot continue to make Willpower+Essence rolls to finish the binding, as they are Simple actions that suffer the same distraction penalties as spellcasting. Whether the Solar is busy binding demons or battling free ones, another unbound demon will break free after the Solar's Essence in rounds has elapsed again. This continues until all the demons are bound, free, or banished. If the roll for the demons is a botch, then the next time that one of them would automatically break free, it does not, remaining locked in the battle of wills instead. If the Sorceror botches, or if the demons accumulate three net successes over the Sorceror's, then all the remaining demons break free simultaneously, usually resulting in a messy death unless the Solar has a prearranged escape plan or a lot of close friends on hand.