Death & Taxes

Submitted by Mapache on Mon, 2003-07-14 12:00

Death and Taxes are a pair of wicked knives from the First Age. Death is long and thin with a blade of starmetal, while Taxes is curved and made of Soulsteel. The tang on each is of the complementary metal. They are Artifact •• separately, or Artifact ••• for the pair.

  Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Artifact Minimums Attunement Cost
Death +6 +4 +4L (+6L) +0 •• D••• 5 motes
Taxes +6 +3 (+4) +2L +3 •• D••• 5 motes

When used together, they have additional benefits. Anyone who is already fully attuned to one of them may attune to the other for the base cost of five motes and automatically receives the appropriate magical material bonus, including the mote-draining power of Soulsteel in the case of Taxes. (Thus, when they were made in the First Age, they were designed for use by Sidereal assassins, but an Abyssal Exalt could also derive full use from them now.) In addition, wielding both of them negates any off-hand penalty. Lastly, anyone who is attuned to both of them and is holding one can recall the other to his free hand by reflexively spending one mote of Essence, making them quite suitable as throwing weapons.