Exalted High School

Submitted by Mapache on Mon, 2004-04-12 16:17

Continuing with my ideas for alternate settings for RPGs, I present Exalted High! It's just a typical high school filled with teen angst…and earth-shattering kung fu!

The first year students are divided into five elemental cliques, and Scarlet, the class president, has been missing since the beginning of the school year. Nobody wants to talk about it, but there's rumors that she dropped out and got married to a big black dragon from the wrong side of town. They'd all been happy in middle school, because they hadn't seen the upperclassmen for several years and were the old kids on the block, but now that they're in high school, the older kids are picking on them again.

The worst are the fourth-years, aka the Solars, who they haven't had to share a school with since elementary school. The Solars are big and mean, but they can get away with anything because they're so charming. Principal Unconquered Sun lets them run rampant and always looks the other way. The fact that they lead the sports teams, The Exalted High Anathema, to victory in game after game may explain this.

A lot of the Solars are dating Lunars, the third year-students. Some of them are okay, but most are freaks with tattoos and piercings, and they hang out at the edge of the schoolyard with gangs they boss over. They're always using their deadly beastman transformation to beat the snot out of the little dragonlings. There's rumors that vice-principal Luna has been doing inappropriate things with some of them, but no one's filed any lawsuits.

The second-year students, the Sidereals, are really quiet. Most of the other students ignore them, and it's not like they have many classes together, because most of them spend their extra periods as office aides. It's probably so they can kiss the ass of the five maidens that run the various departments. Miss Jupiter has never smacked any of them with her ruler, and that's so unfair. And for some reason, they're the only ones allowed to take Miss Saturn's advanced martial arts classes; everyone else has to take crummy old PE from Miss Mars, who has the nappiest hair ever…

Of course, none of the upperclassmen are as bad those kids who got expelled but keep hanging out around the school anyway, terrorizing everyone with their hordes of zombies. There's an undead drill almost every week.

And there's rumors that they're opening a new magnet program at Infernal High across town, which could put a dent in the flawless track record at tournaments…

I figure this would play a lot like Ranma 1/2 without the sex-changing (unless you're a Lunar). Maybe add new charms for things like Perfect Studying Technique and Test-Passing Attitude.

When I posted this one at RPG.net, it got a pretty phenomenal response. See the ensuing thread for assorted directions to take this in.