Submitted by Mapache on Mon, 2003-07-14 01:00

Heartdrinker, also know as Livertaker, is a large, leaf-shaped soulsteel knife, forged in the ghostly flames of Oblivion and specially crafted for Deathknights that must venture into creation. It has settings for two hearthstones, one on either side of the blade.

  Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Artifact Minimums Attunement Cost
Heartdrinker +6 +4* +4L +1 •••• D••• 8 motes

In addition to its lethality as a weapon, Heartdrinker has several abilities that heighten its effectiveness. Like all soulsteel weapons, when in the hands of an Abyssal Exalted, it drains motes of essence equal to its wielder's permanent Essence if it inflicts at least one level of damage on a victim, but these motes get passed to its bearer instead of being lost. (Like all motes gained via draining effects, they may be put into the special Blood Feast pool.)

Additionally, if it is knocked out of its bearer's hand, or is otherwise not being held but in sight, its owner may call Heartdrinker back to her hand as a dice action, and it will coming flying to her waiting palm.

Lastly, and most powerfully, Heartdrinker is designed to strike in a flurry of blows. It reduces the penalty for multiple actions by the wielder's permanent Essence.

In the hands of a non-Abyssal who has not successfully spent the doubled attunement cost to harmonize the magical material aura of the weapon, none of these extra powers function, and Heartdrinker's accuracy is only +3, as the +4 includes the Soulsteel bonus.