Heavenly Guardian Sash

Submitted by Mapache on Mon, 2003-07-14 07:00

The Heavenly Guardian Sash is a fine woven piece of cloth about eight feet long and five inches wide, with tightly hemmed edges. It is a rich dark blue in color, with razor-thin golden lines running down its length. The cloth is some unknown material of first-age manufacture, but it owes its cobalt color to having been dyed for five days in distilled essence of blue jade. The tiny lines exist because every 25th thread of those running along its length is actually a finely spun strand of orichalcum. Every 125th thread is even more impressive, being a single hair from the head of the Maiden of Endings herself.

When left to its own devices, the sash is fairly stiff, as if overly starched, and can be shaped as desired. After being attuned to by an Exalt, it becomes soft and supple, with a remarkable silky sheen and texture, and may be wrapped around the body as a belt or draped over the shoulder.

The correct way to wear it uses about half its length to secure it in place, leaving the other half of its length free. Normally, this extra length will rest against the rest of the sash, inconspicuously appearing to be wrapped around twice. When the user is threatened, the sash springs to life, whipping about in a frenzied flurry of precisely-places moves that deflect incoming blows.

The Heavenly Guardian Sash's constant weaving and striking makes it much harder to find an opening through which to attack the wearer. Raise the difficulty to strike the wearer by her permanent Essence. Since the sash is already providing a supernaturally accurate defense, this may not be combined with any sort of shield bonus. In addition, the sash can act independently of the wearer with a die pool equal to the wearer's Manipulation+Melee, only usable for attempts to parry blows or disarm foes.

It can also be commanded to hold any shape it is capable of and, if the wearer concentrates, it can act as a prehensile limb able to reach into narrow openings, pick things off tall shelves, and otherwise manipulate the world. It has lifting power equal to that of a human with Strength 2.

Due to its unique construction, the sash's Essence harmonizes with the nature of an unusual cross-section of Exalted. Thanks to the blue jade and the Maiden's hairs, Air-Aspected Terrestrial Exalted and Sidereal Exalted who follow the Maiden of Endings may attune to it for 5 motes, as may Eclipse-Caste Solar Exalted, whose subtle nature befits the easily concealable nature of this wondrous item. One of the lost Lunar Castes, the Waxing Moons, was also able to attune naturally to the sash, but this facet was lost in the creation of the Changing Moon Caste. A Moonshadow Caste Abyssal might be able to attune to the Heavenly Guardian Sash easily, but none have ever found the belt and tried it. Others may follow the normal rules for double-cost attunement to access the properties of the sash.