Narat's Shadow

Submitted by Mapache on Mon, 2003-07-14 08:00

The First Age Night Caste Narat was seen only when she wished to be seen and heard only when silence itself chose to make no noise. Adding to her considerable personal talents was the miraculous suit she wore night and day; so inseparable was she from this wrapping that it was jokingly refered to as her shadow. She took the comment to heart, and had her Circlemate forge Narat's shadow into the fabric of the suit, completing its magic.

When not being worn, Narat's Shadow appears a simple body suit of supple pale grey leather, complete with a built-in hood that may be placed up or down. By some trick of the light, it always seems dull and unreflective. In truth, it is sewn from the retina of one of the slain Primordials that lie sleeping in madness at the edge of the Void. Narat's first incarnation, whose name is alternately given as Wave of Seven Virtues or Delightful Storm, culled the titan's eye as his prize after its defeat. The flesh of the eye proved unworkable, and thus it sat, forgotten and dusty in an abandoned corner of a manse, for three millennia.

The Twilight of Narat's Circle, an inventive artificer whose name was expunged from the rolls of Heaven for the blasphemies she built with the blood of the gods during the closing years of the First Age of Man, at long last cracked the secret of the Malfean's eye. She stiched together a suit using thread of White Orichalcum, an ash-colored alloy of the three magical metals with the then-newly-discovered and preciously rare Soulsteel.

The resulting garment is as fine and supple as the wearer's own flesh, neither hindering Mobility nor causing Fatigue, yet provides a soak of 8L/8B. For as long as it is worn, its owner receives her permanent Essence in automatic successes on all Stealth rolls. If she spends 5 motes of Essence, then her form blurs and flows like water blowing away on the wind. For the remainder of the scene, she is so hard to perceive that she adds her permanent Essence to the difficulty to hit her or to parry her attacks (though not to dodge them, as getting out of the way does not require so precise a knowledge of the incoming weapon's location). In addition, so long as she wears the suit, she casts no shadow of any sort. These properties require a commitment cost of 8 motes, which may be paid by any Celestial Exalt, including Abyssals; Dragon-Blooded are incapable of mastering the flesh of a dead Primordial.

Thanks to her awesome powers of evasion, Narat was able to evade the Usurpation, and lived on for years as a terror in the night, bringing revenge to those that had slain her comrades in arms and overturned the natural order of Creation. At last she was tracked down and defeated, her divine soul cast into the Jade Prison, to seal it away from the world, but her name lived on as a formless thing that mothers in the East use to threaten their children. Be good, or the Narat will come in the night and vanish you!