Swath of Darkness

Submitted by Mapache on Mon, 2003-07-14 02:00

The Swath of Darkness is a bandage, about three inches wide and dozens of feet long, woven of a single fine soulsteel thread miles long. If a character binds herself in it from head to toe, then it will behave as sturdy armor of incredible lightness and flexibility that can be comfortably worn indefinitely. While so wrapped, the few exposed parts of the character, namely eyes, mouth, and nostrils, can be seen only indistinctly, appearing to belong to a being made up of inky blackness.

  Lethal Soak Bashing Soak Mobility Penalty Fatigue Attunement Cost Artifact
Swath of Darkness 12 10 -0 0 8 motes ••••

The above soak values include the soulsteel magical material bonus. If used by a non-Abyssal that does not take the extra effort to fully harmonize with the armor's aura, reduce the bashing and lethal soak by two each.