The Iron Jang Bong

Submitted by Mapache on Mon, 2003-07-14 04:00
The Iron Jang Bong

The Iron Jang Bong is an ancient First Age staff crafted by a powerful Sidereal who is thought to have contributed to the development of Crane Style martial arts. It is a deceptively simple-looking weapon, consisting of a cold iron core two meters in length and five centimeters in diameter, covered by a thin layer of protective rust, and capped on both ends by 30 centimeter Starmetal jackets. To the unattuned, it weighs over 30 kilograms (nearly 70 pounds), but whomever it recognizes as master can twirl it effortlessly in one hand.

  Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Artifact Minimums Attunement Cost
The Iron Jang Bong +6 +3 +5L* +4 •••• D•••, S••, MA••• 10 motes

As well as being a formidable weapon, the Iron Jang Bong grants its wielder several additional advantages. It provides short-range prescience, allowing her to foresee where blows will land and where attacks will come from. Each round of combat, she receives one additional action only usable for a parry with the staff. This action may be used before the wielder's initiative, as a reflexive parry, or may be split into multiple parries on her initiative. Her regular action may be split normally in any case. If she has the ability to perform a cascading parry, such as by means of a charm, then this extra action may be used for one.

This prescience also prevents the wielder from being surprised. Against any attack that she is otherwise unaware of, she makes a reflexive Perception+Essence roll. She may then react to the attack, such as by parrying or dodging it, but her dice pool to do so is limited to the larger of her normal dice pool and the number of successes she got on the Perception+Essence roll.

Additionally, the weapon's iron core not only dispels Glamour and deals aggravated damage to Fair Folk, but it is potent against other forms of magic as well. Its wielder may reflexively spend 1 Willpower to deflect hostile magic aimed at her, as if she had just cast the personal shield effect of Emerald Countermagic. This does not require maintaining and gives no dice pool penalties on the next turn. While the staff is incapable of performing more potent countermagic on its own, it does halve the Essence cost to a wielder who knows those spells when using them.

The Iron Jang Bong does not have any hearthstone settings.

In the hands of a non-Sidereal who has not successfully spent the doubled attunement cost to harmonize the magical material aura of the weapon, the prescience abilities do not function, though the counter-magic aspects do, and the Iron Jang Bong's damage is only +3L, as the +5L includes the magical material bonus.