Tomallah, the Living Hearthstones

Submitted by Mapache on Fri, 2004-07-02 00:00

Demon of the First Circle, Progeny of the Cathedral of Bone and Sinew

In the Demon Realm, all things are ultimately composed of the flesh of the Yozis. This is especially true of the land itself, from which the Essence flows. In those places where the Essence pools and gathers, the bones of Malfeas may be shaped into Manses to focus it even further, forming at their core one of his progeny, the Tomallah.

Four is the measure of all things to a Tomallah, and thus their nature is built around four. From each side of their small, pale white torsos spring four arms, seemingly just like those of human infants, yet capable of holding up the Tomallah's bulk on the four small fingers each hand sprouts. Along their backs lie two rows of four ears, fused into a single ridge, the following of whose contours can drive men to madness or enlightenment. Their fingers and their ears are their only senses, for they lack eyes with which to see the taint of the world around them. Instead, they seek out the flows of Essence by their sound.

At the front of their bodies lies a small mouth, oval in extension and lined with small white teeth that are both jagged and rounded at once, though the Tomallah never eat, drawing all sustenance from their Manse. From within their mouth they can uncoil their long black tongue, half again as long as a full-grown man's arm. Thick and round as a thumb at the base, and splitting into four probing tendrils a finger's length from the end, it is the means by which they act upon the world. Though they can recognize a man by the sound of his heartbeat, it is one of the great pleasures they take to feel the faces of those they meet as greeting. The one touch that baffles them above all others is that of a Hearthstone, for they cannot fathom how a conduit of Essence can be so cold and lifeless.

The greatest asset of a Tomallah lies in its posterior, a taut, swollen ball of flesh wider than a man's chest which emerges from just behind its rearmost arms. From it hang four long teats that produce its wondrous milk, with the left pair divided from the right by a monstrous vulva longer than a man's hand, as slick as hairless as the rest of the demon's skin.

The milk within a Tomallah's dugs is thick and rich with Essence, so sweet as to rival the finest syrups, yet gloriously delicious with every gulp. One can live on nothing but this milk, forsaking all food and water, yet it must be drunk directly from the demon's breasts. If placed in any container not made of living flesh, it spoils instantly, and its foul aroma will drive cats mad from half a league away, making them scratch their masters in fury.

The Tomallah exist only to provide others with their bounteous gifts of milk and Essence, and find no greater joy than servitude. To have no one to drink its milk so saddens the demon that it will cry tears of bitter green sap from its ears, which will drip upon the ground in patterns that can make maidens into whores or young men sterile. Doting and motherly, the only reward it asks is to be allowed to couple with its master at the end of its service, that it may return to the Demon Realm to birth a new Manse. Those summoners who acquiesce to this request never speak of the experience for good or evil.

Tomallah cannot stand the company or mention of spiders, and will rage at great length on how the scornful arachnids stole their most perfect form and corrupted it, making mockeries of all they stand for.

Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 4, Stamina 3, Charisma 1, Manipulation 3, Appearance 0, Perception 5, Intelligence 2, Wits 3
Virtues: Compassion 4, Conviction 2, Temperance 3, Valor 1
Abilities: Athletics 1, Awareness 3 (Sound +3), Brawl 2, Dodge 2, Endurance 3, Lore 1, Medicine 2, Occult 2 (Essence Flows +3), Socialize 3 (Caregiving +1), Stealth 1 (Remaining Still +2), Thrown 1
Backgrounds: Manse 4 (See notes below)
Charms: Measure the Wind, Stoic Endurance, Touch of Grace
Cost to Materialize: Tomallah do not materialize or dematerialize. Due to their ties to the flow of Essence, they always exist in both states simultaneously, and may interact with and be affected by beings in either state.
Base Initiative: 7

Tongue:Speed 7Accuracy 6Damage 2BDefense 6
Bite: Speed 4Accuracy 5Damage 4LDefense N/A
Dodge Pool: 6Soak: 1L/3B
Willpower: 5 Health Levels: -0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Incap
Essence: 4 Essence Pool: 75
Other Notes: Tomallah do not sleep, and they regain Essence as if they possessed the Hearthstone of a level 4 Manse (usually 12 motes per hour total). They can transfer this Essence to others by providing them milk. Every 12 motes consumed is enough to stave off hunger and thirst for eight hours. Mortals and others without Essence pools can consume the milk for nourishment, but the motes that would be transferred are lost. One can drink any amount of Tomallah milk without feeling bloated or ill. If a Tomallah's Essence pool fills and no one drinks some of its milk within the next hour, it will begin to wail piteously and weeps its bitter green tears.