Thoughts on an In Nomine CCG

Submitted by Mapache on Wed, 2001-05-23 00:00

If I were to design an In Nomine CCG, I would start by tweaking the rules of Jyhad / V:tES because in my opinion, it has one of the most balanced systems. In particular, rare cards are just different or outright weird, not necessarily more powerful; you actually want less of them. Common cards make up 60%-80% of any good deck. And, Jyhad had a very strong political element. It allows several completely different strategies for winning, primarily rapid bleeding, manipulative voting, and direct combat.


Submitted by Mapache on Tue, 2000-11-21 00:00

Overheard at the Eighth Virtue:

"So I figure something's up, right, and I try resonating this guy, and it was…just weird, never seen anything like it. It's not that I couldn't get a reading, it's that there was nothing to read."

"Huh? Whaddya mean by that, he shielded or something?"

"No, the Symphony—it just wasn't there. Or, it was but I couldn't make it out."

"You okay? Been racking up dissonance or something?"

Bal-elohim: The Observers

Submitted by Mapache on Sun, 2000-11-12 00:00

On those sad and terrible occasions when an Elohite loses sight of the true reasons for being, the former angel usually forgets his objectivity, giving in to a flurry of passions and tumbling screaming to Hell as a Habbalite, not even realizing what has truly happened. But, on a few, rare occasions, these precariously-balanced angels topple the other way. Instead of giving in to passions, they instead distance themselves too much from emotions in the quest for objectivity.