Loridiel, Lilim of the Game

Submitted by Mapache on Thu, 2001-01-11 00:00

Loridiel is a legal starting character.

To all external appearances, Loridiel is a free Lilim that doesn't do much traffic with Hell these days. She spends almost all her time on Earth, generally associating with rather dodgy types who might be in need of help, and in a unique position to provide certain items, services, and knowledge not easily obtained in Hell due to the fact the certain demons who have power would rather that these things remain in their possession alone. Since she's free, and not actively aiding Heaven or hurting Hell, she can't exactly be deemed a renegade, but she's what most would consider a grey. Open-minded Angels with some experience under their belt may make cautious attempts to try and bring her over to their side, while remaining wary of her possible motives at any time. Even more militant Angels would have a hard time pinning her down as positively evil, and killing her would probably result in her getting pissed off at Heaven in general, so the intelligent Malakite doesn't automatically reach for his knife/gun/bag of M&Ms (in the case of Eli's) on contact with her. In any case, she could be a valuable resource, having links into the parts of the infernal lowerarchy that Angels might like to be able to talk to, track, or otherwise interact with.

In truth, she was a free Lilim once. She quickly realized the cruel joke that this title is, being free only to sell herself into slavery a bit at a time. So, she considered her options, and made her move. She secretly approached Asmodeus and offered to let him buy her out. He accepted, and she became a full-fledged servitor of his, without anyone else's knowledge. (Even Lilith isn't certain, though she did find it odd that Asmodeus bought up the remaining Geases she still held on Loridiel, even though he did it over a period of time, to avoid undue suspicion.) Since then, she has maintained her Free Lilim status as a cover, using it to gradually infiltrate groups of demons that are opposed to the general order of things in Hell. She quietly gathers information, remaining in place for years at a time, until she has all she thinks she'll get. She then gives her boss the word that it's okay to move, and he takes out the rest of the cell, with Loridiel either escaping miraculously, or "swearing a few geases to Asmodeus in exchange for her pitiful existence". No one from her past operations has survived to seek revenge on her. Naturally, if there is rumor of a high-level defection from Hell, Asmodeus wants to know the truth of the matter. And, if a group of nosy Angels are going to start their own investigation, he'd like to have a mole among them…

As a player character, Loridiel offers a real role-playing challenge. Even in a group of demons, playing a deep cover agent is tricky, but in a mixed or primarily angelic group, maintaining her false identity will require substantial effort. Skirting those pesky Angelic resonances requires some careful tiptoeing. She'll have to make statements that are literally true, to avoid tripping the Seraphim's lie detectors, while giving false impressions with the way they are strung together. She'll have to be on her best behavior, lest those Malakim sense that she's doing something dishonorable, along the lines of deceiving a group of Angels to extract information from them for the purpose of finding and executing someone who wants defect to the cause of Heaven. (Of course, loyalty to her Prince is also honorable, and she wouldn't want that to be sensed either, now would she?) In any plausible scenario, the other players will catch on quickly (and they should, as being in on the trick allows the players to have more fun instead of feeling betrayed). Since party members wanting to kill each other is not generally conducive to good ongoing role-playing, some excuse would need to be found for everyone to get along. To avoid having the Malakim kill her, they could either realize her conversion potential (resulting in the death of the evil for all time, not just until it scrounges up a new vessel), or be under orders from their Archangel to not kill her, and work on converting her instead. In fact, she could just wind up deciding that Heaven would be a good place to work, though given her current outlook and awareness of how the game treats defectors, this is unlikely. Even failing that, it could turn out to be a case of a mole preferring their cover to their actual mission.

"You might ask why I serve Asmodeus. Why support rules when you really seek freedom? It's quite simple, really. There's two types of freedom—freedom to do things, and freedom from things. A renegade or even a free Lilim may be free to do what she wants, but others are free to do what they want to her. She has to promise favors and almost sell herself into slavery to assure her own safety. I, on the other hand, know exactly where my next meal is coming from. No one can mess with me because of who my patron is. Plus, I do get to act on my own and hang out with those who think they're free, not to mention collect geases on them. But, when the smoke clears, I'm the only one left standing. I'm not worried about making enemies, because it's hard to get revenge when you've been soul-killed. And, I know that as long as I give my Prince reason to trust me, I can trust him, for I am a valuable tool and not be wasted. It's simple, really; the only way to be free of rules is to be the one writing them."

Corporeal Forces 2 Strength 4 Agility 4
Ethereal Forces 3 Intelligence 8 Precision 4
Celestial Forces 4 Perception 9 Will 7
Ellie Doral:

Vessel/2, +2 Charisma (Vessel:Free, Charisma:4 pts), 16 Body Hits

Ellie appears as a woman of about 30 years of age. She is 5'10", and built just on the slim side of average, but with a suggestion of a compact musculature that looks to have been cultivated by time spent in all-around athletic training, possibly at a gym. Her curves transit smoothly into each other without being the least bit excessive. Her face is what most people would call pretty without verging into beautiful, with a playful touch about it; the overall shape is somewhere between oval and triangular, featuring a chin that comes to a delicately rounded point, a nose that manages to be both well-profiled yet somewhat broad at the same time, and bright, clear, intelligent eyes done in a dark sepia framed between sharp cheekbones and dense yet thin and pointed eyebrows. Black hair with just the faintest hint of blue in a satiny sheen that manages to avoid being either glossy or matte streams down to her waist, concealing flesh in a healthy shade of light chestnut. At first you might peg her as Native American, then decide she's got bits of Pacific Islander and Indian Subcontinent in there as well, and still not be satisfied, until you just give up. Men from most cultures will find her at least somewhat attractive, yet women won't find her overly threatening either, particularly given her relaxed manner that encourages you to talk to her and open up. On the whole, she appears to be the perfect compromise between any given pair of extremes.

  • Role: Investigative Journalist/5 (10 pts; Free via Lilim of the Game Attunement) - Ellie works as a freelance print journalist, researching whatever stories she thinks might be interesting and writing them up for several national newsmagazines she has developed a relationship with.

Vessel/1, +1 Charisma (Vessel:3 pts, Charisma:2 pts), 12 Body Hits

Jorg is a powerfully built Scandinavian, towering over most folk at 6'5" and looking a lot like some Viking who was recently brought into modern civilization and adapted incredibly well. His thick ropy muscles show sign of being put to practical use regularly. Crystal clear grey eyes peer out at the world from beneath bushy eyebrows and over an imposing nose well suited to warming cold arctic air. His features, though heavy, betray a rugged handsomeness, framed by a medium length beard trimmed to a sharp point beneath his chin. His hair streams back in coarse, dirty blond strands through a leather thong holding it together at the base of his neck before billowing back out to end somewhere between his massive shoulder blades. Light yellowish-white fuzz coats his exposed limbs. The overall effect is that of a large bear who'll remain friendly and wholeheartedly slap you on the back as long as you've got something interesting to say or some game to entertain him with, but who wouldn't hesitate to maul you if he felt you were becoming too much of a nuisance. He exudes an aura of trustworthiness, and seems like he'd be able to take charge in times of crisis.

Loridiel's talents focus on social manipulation, with a secondary interest in useful activities such as stalking and breaking-and-entering, plus an extra trick or two to get out of the occasional scrape.
  • Climbing/1 (Agility)
  • Computer Operation/1 (Intelligence)
  • Detect Lies/1 (Perception)
  • Dodge/1 (Agility)
  • Escape/1 (Agility or Precision)
  • Emote/1 (Perception)
  • Fast-talk/1 (Will)
  • Knowledge:Investigation/1 (Intelligence)
  • Lockpicking/1 (Precision)
  • Lying/1 (Perception or Intelligence)
  • Move Silently/2 (Agility)
  • Ranged Weapon:Handgun/2 (Precision)
  • Savoir-Faire/1 (Intelligence)
  • Seduction/1 (Will)
  • Tracking/1 (Perception)
Since Loridiel's work focuses on other Celestials, she finds songs that manipulate others to be less than useful, due to the tell-tale disturbance they generate and the high propensity for targets, especially strong-willed demons, to resist them. Instead she's specialized in the various versions of the Song of Form, which allow her to get into places and observe things, as well as providing some protection when events go wrong.
  • Form (Corporeal/3, Ethereal/4, Celestial/2)
  • Guardian Angel is a gorgeous heavy pistol (+3 Power, +0 Accuracy, 15 bullets/clip + 1 in the chamber, Range Increment 15m) whose exterior is done in black chrome and white enamel, with its name inscribed in Latin across both sides of the barrel in flowing golden script. It functions as a Reliquary/1 (3 pts) and has the Concealed Weapon feature (5 pts) allowing it to be completely hidden on the user's body at the cost of a mere one essence, for as long as it is not revealed. Crafted by Abraxiel, Fallen Elohite of Creation now in service to Technology, it reflects both the origin of its maker via its beautiful detailing, as well as the attitudes of his new master via the corners that were cut during its enchantment. As a result, should its corporeal form ever be completely destroyed, the attached celestial forces will shatter into nothingness (-4 pts). Then again, given the amount of punishment needed to do any damage at all to an object made of solid steel, combined with the fact that the owner will most certainly have it on their person at all times, it seems rather unlikely to come to harm. Loridiel has had it as her lucky charm for a long time, and likes both the feeling of security its presence gives her as well as the boost in her effectiveness from the increased essence flow.
  • Lilim of the Game (The 12 pts paid for her role, Knowledge:Investigation, and Fast-talk.)
  • Gain an additional essence at dusk. (Asmodeus)
  • Eliminate a renegade demon. (3 Essence, Asmodeus)
  • Accounts payable:
    • 1 - The only geas left from Loridiel's days as an actual Free Lilim is the one she traded in exchange for basic knowledge of the three Songs of Form, which she has since improved on her own. (-3 pts)
    • 1 - Loridiel acquired her familiar Shezbalah on the streets of Shal-mari in exchange for a geas, as she wanted someone with no affiliation whatsoever to The Game. While maintaining her cover is a good reason, she may have had others, ranging from the simple thrill of doing things for herself to the subconscious desire to set up resources not known to her superiors, should things ever go sour. (-3 pts)
  • Accounts receivable:
    • None at present; recently having turned in to The Game most of the beings she was hanging out with sort of wiped out her balance.

Shezbalah, Imp Familiar

(Class 3 servant, Level 2 as a resource; 3 pts)

Shezbalah is an imp that Loridiel managed to acquire a few years ago, and who now serves as her aide and companion. Her usual tasks involve watching the current residence while Loridiel is out, in case anyone tries to do some snooping, as well as getting friendly with people and keeping subtle tabs on them. Loridiel holds some genuine fondness for her "pet", and generally treats her well, never being abusive and tending to ask politely rather than command. For her part, Shezbalah realizes how lucky she is to be Earth-side, and is pleased to finally have a decent boss after the abuses she suffered in Hell. She is unaware of Loridiel's true master, since you can't give away what you don't know…

Corporeal Forces 1 Strength 1 Agility 3
Ethereal Forces 1 Intelligence 3 Precision 1
Celestial Forces 2 Perception 5 Will 3

Vessel/1 (3 pts), 2 Body Hits

Shezbalah is a large, cuddly-looking cat. She sports a glossy dark auburn coat of thick fur and luminous green eyes that reveal an unusual intelligence.

  • Acrobatics/2 (Agility)
  • Climbing/2 (Agility)
  • Dodge/2 (Agility)
  • Move Silently/2 (Agility)
  • Attraction (Celestial/5)