The Hormonorator

Submitted by Mapache on Tue, 2001-01-23 00:00

This particular little device is the result of collaboration between servants of Vapula and Andrealphus, though some argue that Kobal may have provided a little under-the-table inspiration. A Hormonorator appears as a fairly standard (that is, cliched) Vaputech Raygun, and its use requires the Ranged Weapon:Handgun skill. It strikes with an accuracy of +1, due to its light-speed beam, which appears as a sort of tacky pink laser. Rather than do any damage, the target suffers from some unusual physiological effects. On a successful hit, the victim must make a will roll minus the Hormonorator's level. If they fail, they take a number of "hits" of Hormonation equal to the check digit of the failed roll. Each hit inflicts one level of the Lustful discord, and causes increased pheremone emission which raises the user's Charisma, for sexual purposes only, by one level per hit. Additionally, it triggers a mild numinous corpus that causes inappropriate enlargement of any relevant parts, from barely noticeable at level one to porn-star-sized at level six, which is fortunately the maximum number of hits that can be inflicted on a single individual, even through being zapped repeatedly. The levels of Hormonation subside at one per hour, until the victim returns to normal. It is powered by an efficient and compact battery technology that lasts for a very long time. No point value is given, as players should only receive something this twisted when the GM has a specific purpose in mind ("wreaking havoc" counts as a purpose).