Yet another Eli plot seed

Submitted by Mapache on Sat, 2000-04-22 00:00

To: Dominic
Re: Enemy Intelligence
Clearance: For your eyes only

As you know, my triad is currently collaborating with a triad of the Game. In the course of the mission, I came across the following fragment of a message. I felt that troubling you with it immediately was justified:

"…field operative, but celestial observation confirms suspicion that subject is a Grigori. Disturbingly, his profile is definitely not that of any seen within the last two centuries. Searches in the archives failed to match him up with any of the 220 originals. Either their capacity for subterfuge has increased beyond our ability to penetrate, or someone is making new Grigori. Both possibilities are troublesome, to the say the least.

When cornered, the subject left one operative bleeding profusely from a papercut, and another suffocated with a plastic bag. Such tactics are only consistent with a Malakite of Creation attunement, indicating the subject may be operating directly for, or at least have the tacit approval of, Eli. This evidence might explain the tripling of Grigori sightings over the last three decades.

The assignment of a task force to the problem is imperative. I suggest that we take Zernozahl off project K7, and put him in…"

I have told no one else of this, and await further instructions on what course to take.

Your humble servant,

To: Seraphiel
Re: Outcast 847BG-934K-2

I want her turned over to my personal care. I think I have a lead on where she managed to learn the Song of Creation.

— Dominic