Submitted by Mapache on Wed, 2004-04-07 14:18

So, in one of my random insane musings, I had a flash of insight regarding a new setting for Paranoia. It would take place inside the Omega Complex, where all Comrades work loyally for the good of the people's collective. (Remember, the Collective is your family.) Everyone is ever wary about the threat of Capitalist agents, who can often be identified by their lack of furry hats and/or mustaches. People without mustaches might also be throwbacks who do not possess proper mutant powers. (Of course, non-mutants must be tracked down, for without mutant powers they cannot properly contribute to our glorious society and are mere leeches who will sit around all day growing fat on the fruits of our labors and developing Capitalist ideas to undermine our perfect way of life. By the way, Citizen, what was your mutant power again?)

Ranks within the party are denoted by colors, though the only available communist colors are dirty white, drab grey, and faded black. Since no one can create red pigments, no one has access to the highest ranks in the party, which clearly require glorious red authorization. To comment on this is of course a sign of disloyalty and degeneracy.

When the characters go to R & D, there is no budget, thus they cannot actually get weapons. Nevertheless, you must properly fill out the forms regarding your tests of the atomic hand grenade despite the fact that you were only given a potato, because to contradict previous reports filed would indicate that you must have stolen the atomic hand grenade for your traitorous purposes. Likewise, commenting that your state-provided people's birthday cake is really a potato that's on fire would be a display of ingratitude that only a lazy non-mutant capitalist would ever make. On the other hand, true Communists never eat anything but potatoes.

When you die, your cousin takes your place. (Fortunately, Communists have very large families.) Of course the Omega complex has advanced cloning technology, comrade, but it is currently needed for the war effort. We are certain we will able to clone you next week. You would not wish to divert effort from the crushing of our insidious enemies, would you?

Of course, as the crowning achievement of such a game, you'd have to send the player characters out of the Omega Complex, on a secret mission to infiltrate the Alpha Complex, thus proving that there really are Commie Mutant Traitors in Paranoia!