Porting the River from Weapons of the Gods to ORE

Submitted by Mapache on Sun, 2007-08-19 11:38

Weapons of the Gods is an RPG based on a wu-xia comic. Its basic resolution mechanic is very similar to ORE: Roll a variable number of d10s and look for matches. A set of matching dice is converted to a numerical result equal to width*10 + height. Thus, for example, a 3x1 is read as 31. (Sets of only one die are allowed and 10s are read as 0s, so the worst possible result is a 1x0, which is read as 10.)

All characters in WotG have a River rated by number of dice, which is effectively how many dice they can bank from one roll to a future roll, keeping the numbers they rolled. It starts each scene empty, but whenever you make a roll, you can go through the following steps:

  1. You may choose to empty out any or all dice in your River.
  2. You may move any dice from a set of width 2 or better from your roll into your River, keeping the numbers they rolled. Your River may not hold more dice than its maximum size.
  3. You may move any dice you wish from your River into your roll (ideally improving your sets).

Example: Your River, with a size of two, is empty, and you roll 8 dice, getting 3x1 and 2x4. You decide to keep the 3x1 and place the 2x4 in your River. On your next roll, you declare a multiple action and roll only a 2x8, but one of your waste dice is a 4, so you move the 4s out of your River, giving you a 3x4 as well, letting both your actions succeed. Even if you'd rolled no 4s at all, you could still have pulled out the 2x4.

This can be ported over to ORE games with fundamentally no changes. One obvious effect of having a River is that it makes multiple actions much more likely to succeed, as you can bank up some matches and have them ready to pull out even if you'd normally fail. In terms of how to grant characters access to a River, it could be a fixed size given to everyone, shifting the game somewhat away from gritty and towards cinematic. It could be an extra or derived stat—either buy up your River like any other stat or your River might be equal to your lowest stat. It could be a Martial Path or Esoteric Discipline and limit your use of the River to a specific skill or stat—every level of the River Dancer school gives you one die worth of River only usable with the Spear skill. The possibilities depend on how you want it to impact the game.