Pregenerated Characters for The Secret of Poison Gulch

Submitted by Mapache on Thu, 2010-04-22 23:09

A while back, I ran The Secret of Poison Gulch, a one-shot adventure using Six-Guns & Succubi, in which the PCs are government troubleshooters sent to investigate the disappearance of an agent that been investigating illegal activities at the silver mine in the titular town and stumbled into something far darker. I don't have any real notes on the whole thing, as I mostly just made it up as I went along, but here's the pregen characters I passed out, in case you find them useful:

Marshal Buck Woodpit

Tough but smooth-talking Texas Ranger

Texas Ranger

Buck was born in Texas, back when it was a country. He always liked helping people, and people liked being helped by him. He parlayed his skills into a commission in the Texas Rangers, and his duties kept him out of the Civil War. Eventually, some higher-up decided that his combination of brawn and charm were just the sort of thing the government was looking for in an operative to head up one of the teams in the rapidly-expanding Secret Service.


  • Good-looking
  • Eloquent
  • Tries to avoid having to say his own name


  • "Need a hand with that?"
  • "I think we have a problem here."
  • "We can do this the easy way or the hard way. Me, I don't much care, but I thought you might have an opinion…"

(Feel free to swap him for Marshal Becky Woodpit.)

Brawl 3 Shoot 2 Ride 1 Talk 3 Think 2 Sneak 2

Sister Clarissa O'Malley

Gunslinging hardass nun

Warrior Nun

Sister Clarissa was born in Ireland, and even then her family couldn't afford to feed her, so they wound up dumping her off on a convent as soon as possible. Things went okay until the potato famine hit, then the Mother Superior decided it was time to pull up stakes and move the whole thing to America, land of opportunity (and food). Along the way, the ship was attacked by dark forces, and Sister Clarissa was the only survivor of the wreck. As she floated her way to shore, she had a vision that she should head out west and the protect the innocent from the evils that had nearly killed her. While she believes in the power of prayer, she also believes that God hears actions louder than words, and that He helps those who help themselves, so she's become a crack shot. There are, after all, many evils in the world, supernatural and otherwise, that would try and take advantage of a scrawny nun.

She's managed to build a reputation, and the Treasury Department got wind of it. They offered a position with the legal authority to carry on the duties her moral authority had burdened her with. She accepted.


  • Hungry
  • Hard as a rock
  • Swears like a sailor


  • "Begorrah, the feck's wrong with you, you gob-smacking twit?"
  • "No, there's no relevant scripture for this situation, but I know a limerick that might work."
  • "We're gonna need more holy water…"

(Feel free to swap her for Brother Clarence O'Malley.)

Brawl 1 Shoot 4 Ride 1 Talk 1 Think 2 Sneak 1 Faith 3

Ghost Abe

A sneak with a certain resemblance

Abraham Lincoln

Abe doesn't talk much about his past, maybe cause he don't want to, and maybe cause there ain't much to talk about. Or maybe he just don't remember. Anyways, he got picked up in Chicago by the cops a few years ago, crazy and wandering around. Normally, they'd a just ignored it, but some men from Washington showed up, waved around some badges, and took him into custody. One of them claimed he had sensed Abe's untapped talent, which was news to Abe. The old man trained him for a while in a dark art or two, and lo and behold if Abe wasn't one of the best scouts, sneaks, and second-story men on the payroll before long. That he's a towering 6'4" only makes it more surprising. He also bears an uncanny resemblance to a certain extremely-ex-president. Most assignments, he gets sent way out west. People tend to ask less questions there.


  • Tall
  • Dark
  • Familiar


  • "Sssh, listen."
  • "No, I assure you I'm not."
  • "Okay, okay. But just this once: 'Four score and seven years ago…'"

(Ghost Abe's gender can't be freely swapped, because it ruins the resemblance to Lincoln. Or maybe it can, because a woman who gets repeatedly mistaken for Lincoln is potentially hilarious and probably won't get old over the course of just one evening.)

Brawl 1 Shoot 2 Ride 1 Talk 1 Think 2 Sneak 3 Famous 1 Left-Handed - Shadow 2

"Jackalope" Tchaikovsky

Crazy Russian pyromaniac

Ural Cossack

No one stateside can pronounce his real name, so he just goes by Jackalope. He figures it's a good excuse to mount a pair of jackalope horns on his furry hat, as if you needed one. Some folks he meets claim they're just antelope horns. This is generally an unwise thing to do in his presence. In general, Jackalope and unwise go together like vodka and more vodka. He tends to ignite first and ask questions later, though that question is often "Would you join me for a drink?" A loyal companion to those he befriends, he is an expert horseman and never shuts up about how cold it was in Russia. That's why he learned sorcery in the first place—to stay warm.


  • Generally a resembles a bear.
  • That's been soaked in vodka.
  • And set on fire.


(Feel free to swap him for "Jackalope" Tchaikovskya.)

Brawl 2 Shoot 1 Ride 2 Talk 2 Think 1 Sneak 1 Left-Handed - Flame 4

Elizabeth (Thomas) Staring Eagle

Harvard-educated Navajo warlock

Red Hawk

When Staring Eagle was very young, the tribal elders saw that they were pretty screwed. Under attack from the US cavalry, their lands shrank and their way of life vanished. To diversify their hopes for the future, they chose from amongst the brightest of their children and sent them off to get an school education. Naturally bright, she was one of the few who finished, and even applied to university. Miraculously, she even got accepted into Harvard, and picked out a nice Anglo name to fit in. When she got there, she realized that they only accepted men, but a quick trip to the tailor's and four years of cross-dressing later (plus another name change), no one was any wiser. Everyone was too busy being shocked by her being a Navajo to realize she was a woman, though the class of 1872 did come away with the impression that Navajo are awfully effeminate.

While in college, she put together old stories her grandfather told her with dusty Latin tomes in the library and became rather an authority on summoning. She has a permanently bound imp called Stinkfoot, who can hide out of sight until called to step forth into our world through a pitch-black shadow or a fire large enough to warm oneself with. He's an annoying but useful little bugger. She also knows the names of Augustina, a succubus who she has summoned once before, and who claims to have been operating in our world since Roman times, and of Black Bison, an ancient war spirit of the plains who she has never dared to call up. Obtaining the assistance of either of these more powerful beings will require bargaining.

(Feel free to swap her for Thomas Staring Eagle, who didn't have to cross-dress. Or maybe he did, and snuck into Radcliffe.)


  • Smarter than you.
  • Balls of steel. (Keeps them in her medicine bag.)
  • Enjoys bossing around her minion.


  • "The existentialist position is fundamentally dependent on a post-phrenological theory of personality."
  • "Haash yinílyé?" (What is your name?)
  • "Interesting…"

Brawl 1 Shoot 0 Ride 1 Talk 2 Think 3 Sneak 1 Posse 1 (Stinkfoot) Left-Handed - Shadow 1 Summoning 3

Stinkfoot (7 Dice)


Stinkfoot is an annoying little imp, but he can be subtle and get into places you can't. He's very enthusiastic about servitude, as he generally gets treated worse in hell.

Brawl 1 Shoot 0 Ride 0 Talk 1 Think 1 Sneak 2 Shadow 1 Flame 1

Augustina (14 Dice)


Augustina is conniving, seductive, and knows an awful lot about a lot of people. She can pass for human (as represented by her ambidexterity).

Brawl 2 Shoot 0 Ride 0 Talk 4 Think 3 Sneak 2 Ambidextrous 1 Shadow 2

Black Bison (21 Dice)

Burning Bison

Black Bison is very bad news. You don't want to make him angry. Or really meet him at all for that matter.

He appears as a huge, hulking shadow of a bison wreathed in smoky black flames, and can rear up into a more humanoid shape that is more looming beast than upright minotaur. He greatly enjoys righteous destruction.

Brawl 7 Shoot 0 Ride 2 Talk 2 Think 3 Sneak 0 Flame 7