SJ Games To Produce d20 GURPS

Submitted by Mapache on Sat, 2001-03-31 22:59


Steve Jackson Games is proud to announce that it has acquired a license from Wizards of the Coast to convert its GURPS role-playing game to the industry-standard d20 system. The award-winning GURPS game has long provided a universal system for multiple genres. Converting to the new d20 standard will better allow Steve Jackson Games to cooperate with other companies and produce products more accessible to the general gaming public.

Tentative plans are for GURPS 4th edition to be released in fall 2001 completely in the d20 system, with extensive conversion tables and appendices for using older sourcebooks. Future GURPS supplements and reprints will use the d20 system as well.

"We feel that the GURPS system is showing its age, being based upon something I designed in high school," said company founder Steve Jackson. "Instead, the gaming industry has shown a clear preference for the d20 system, which is based on something E. Gary Gygax designed in high school." With respect to backwards operability with existing GURPS products, he claimed "we should be able to fit in d20 versions of the all the existing rules in a brief 1200-page appendix."

d20 GURPS is not to be confused with GURPS d20, a supplement released in 1992 where the players take on the role of twenty-sided dice in a vast tabletop littered with gaming paraphernalia. For more information, contact Fnord Fnordson at (512) 475-9996.

The preceding is a gag I posted to the In Nomine mailing list on April Fool's Day 2001, right around the peak of the d20 frenzy that swept large segments of the role-playing industry following the release of Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition.

(That is a real phone number, but it connects you to the University of Texas PPP dial-up modem pool…)